Project Ten Launches Recycled Range

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Project Ten, known for its fashion-forward reusable bags, has just launched its inaugural range made from plastic bottles retrieved from landfill.

18 months in development, the Recycled Range has reinvented Project Ten's production process, cementing its mission to help Australians take small steps toward sustainability.

Aware of the environmental impact of single use plastics, founder Jacquie McLean launched Project Ten in 2012 to encourage the use of reusable bags. In 2019, the Recycled Range takes the idea further by removing single use plastic bottles from landfill. The bottles are made into fibres which are then woven into fabric. As an extra bonus, this process is also considerably more energy efficient.

Jacquie McLean says, “I wanted to create something highly reusable that helps the environment by taking plastic out of landfill and turning it into something useful and beautiful.”

“The whole world needs to become more circular in its use of items. Turning them into something new or finding another use for them is something we can all do to reduce our waste footprint.”

Jacquie’s idea for Project Ten sparked during a day at the beach with her two young children. She wanted to create a bag that could be taken anywhere, that was sturdy and easy to clean, but also fashionable.

“Bags become a habit. Choosing a reusable bag is one little thing you can do without being overwhelmingly environmentally conscious. It’s about doing just one little thing at a time. It all begins to add up.”

As well as helping the environment, Jacquie is passionate about collaborating with and supporting other local small businesses to help her products come to life through design and photography.

Two of Project Ten’s latest range designs were created by Clare Westwood, owner of Victor Fox Design, while the photos were shot by Amelia Dowd.

View the collection at Project Ten’s website and follow @projecttenaustralia on social media for future updates.

Passionfolk is delighted to work with Jacqui on the communication of this new project.

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