Bondi Smile

Client profile:

Bondi Smile is a locally based home teeth whitening company who are dedicated to making smiles whiter and brighter across Australia and the UK. Manufactured and safety tested in the United States, Bondi Smile ensure their products are all made to the highest quality standard.

The name Bondi Smile was chosen to reflect Sydney’s Bondi Beach, as the brand is very much aligned to Australian beach culture.  

Bondi Smile pride themselves on producing DIY teeth whitening products which are quick and safe to use from the comfort of home. Bondi Smile’s products are pain-free and produced with the highest percentage whitening formula in Australia.

Our approach:

Passionfolk crafted a social media strategy for Bondi Smile to reflect the brand and company values. We manage and maintain Bondi Smile’s website, as well as their Facebook and Instagram accounts. We write blog posts for their website to improve search engine optimisation (SEO), and to inform customers about teeth whitening related topics.

Passionfolk maintain affiliate management for Bondi Smile, as well as influencer screening and partnerships for social media promotion.

Visit Bondi Smile to shop their product range.

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