What’s Next For Facebook?

The future of Facebook has the potential to dramatically impact on the way brands and businesses advertise and promote themselves on the social media giant. As we’ve seen from the ‘adpocalypse’, it’s important for businesses to be aware when Facebook changes their algorithm to ensure that they can still successfully continue to reach their target audiences.  
So... what’s next for Facebook? How can marketers ensure they understand Facebook’s trends in 2019 and beyond?

Opportunities- Facebook offers profound opportunities, which six million businesses are already taking advantage of by using Facebook advertising. Video ad breaks are a great way for businesses to have thousands- if not millions- of people viewing their ads. Facebook allows for strategic content to be planned in advance to engage online audiences. Facebook Live video gets six times the engagement of a regular post.

Instagram- Instagram is the next Facebook. People use Instagram to see things they care about, feel connected to celebrities, and showcase their life in a more aesthetically pleasing way compared to Facebook. People turn to Instagram to discover new things, and over 25 million bands and businesses are taking advantage of this by utilising Instagram.

Video- People engage best with video content. A recent eye-tracking study revealed that people gaze FIVE times longer at video than at static content on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is catching up to SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) and Netflix’s Watch Party with AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand).

Why is this important?

Facebook is still finding its way. Video ad breaks are on the rise, and these need to be powerful, punchy, entertaining and monetising through revenue sharing ads. On Facebook, it’s important to think like a screenwriter rather than a copywriter- it’s all about a good story!

Messenger- When the marketers move in members move out. A savvy marketer needs to craft wording to have an move intimate experience (it’s going to all about how you make people feel). It’s important to act/ think/ feel/ how a member feels and use this to deliver a marketing message.

To successfully market on Facebook, the winners are winning by employing:

  • Strategy

  • Tools

  • Templates

  • Targeted content

  • Engagement.

Jacqui ThebesComment