Day Two: Social Media Marketing World Conference

Day Two Of Social Media Marketing World Conference

Day Two began with a great keynote address by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, which outlined the projected impact of 'Facebook Armageddon' - the algorithm changes made to Facebook on January 11. Effectively, Facebook will restrict anything it doesn't deem as 'meaningful interaction'. For businesses, this means:

  • Video will get less watch time
  • Organic posting from businesses will find it difficult to gain traction
  • Pages will see reach and traffic decline
  • Links to external pages will get less visibility

The upshot? We need to improve and enhance our advertising strategies, and focus on other techniques to get through to our audiences - both using Facebook, but also through other media altogether. 

Essentially, this means that all businesses must reset their expectations and parameters. We all need to get used to the idea that a smaller, more relevant and engaged audience is more valuable than a larger, less engaged one.

Here's a short video recap of our morning session here on Day Two. 

- Janet + Chloe


Day Two of #SMMW18 + we met Jenna Kutcher

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