The Key To Cheap Facebook Advertising

Facebook. Even though it’s a free platform, it pays off in spades to spend on Facebook advertising... but you don’t need to spend the thousands of dollars you normally would on traditional ads.

Just $1.00 a day can get you 1 minute of video advertising. Compare that to how much it would cost you to advertise on TV!

In 2017, Facebook’s reach decreased by 42%. This is due to algorithm changes which can result on certain posts being hidden from newsfeeds, based on unique user engagement.

For brands to get noticed, Facebook and Google need to be used more effectively.

Goal- Inbound Lead + Content+ Audience?

Sudo re-marketing (perceived authority)- Boost back to trusted audience

Manipulate perceived attention.

Facebook video is key. Why? Because video = engagement, which is why Facebook favours it.

Below we have included some tips to nail your Facebook videos:

  • Have a HOOK within 3 seconds. This means the video must include an action, movement or prop straight away, e.g. ‘When I was...’, capture their attention immediately, so no video bumper, (i.e. saying your name).

  • IGNITE PAIN/ PLEASURE. Users must identify with the problem or opportunity. Ask a question to show success or failure, make the benefit clear.

  • DESCRIBE SOLUTIONS- What are you offering? What is the product or service?

  • CALL TO ACTION- What do you want them to do? Make this clear.

The average consumer needs 7 interactions with a brand before they will touch your product. Be sure to tell them your story, showcase the brand, build trust, and then sell.

To grab your audience into a video initially, make sure to caption your videos. Once you start posting videos you can begin to judge engagement and start to define your audience. Use this information to retarget to those who have at least 10 seconds of engagement- not just click on and click off viewers. Retargeting needs to work across both Facebook and Google. Live videos should average between 10-15 minutes.

When you find a winner, make sure to keep it alive- spend $1.00. You should be able to see this seven days later. 10 different experiments.

For content, employ a topic wheel. In the centre of this is your WHY- your product.

  • Ask an influencer one question and add this to your topic wheel, (e.g. Facebook, Marketing, Public Speakers, SMM, Motivational Speakers, Business Rock Stars, Influence generation, Facebook Marketing).

  • Make money of your greatest hits- spend 80% of your time on repurposing and 20% on creating new content.

Jacqui ThebesComment