Five Advanced Facebook Advertising Techniques

Facebook advertising is important for creating greater online exposure for brands. Given that the Facebook algorithm is continually changing, it’s important to accompany organic posts with paid ads to make sure your audience is being reached.

Why should you use Facebook for advertising?

  • Almost everyone’s on Facebook. From young teenagers to senior citizens, Facebook’s monthly active users total over 2.13 billion people globally. This means that no matter what you’re selling, it’s likely that some, if not all of your audience, is exposed to Facebook ads regularly.

  • Facebook ads are the most targeted form of advertising. Facebook can target ads to a user’s age, gender, location, and even by their interests.

  • Facebook advertising is cheaper and faster than traditional advertising.

  • Facebook ads increase website traffic and sales.

What are the five techniques?

  1. Find the solution- target the right people. Target those who have engaged in the past. These people are more likely to click, opt-in and buy compared to cold audiences. Warm audiences work better.

  2. There are two groups of audiences- those who engage with content and those who don’t. General engagement audiences are people who have engaged with something in the past.

  3. Understand engagement audiences- these fall under engagement category of custom audiences.

  4. Understand all website audiences- create an audience of people who visit your website. This is possible due to the Facebook pixel. Monitor pages visited. Top 25% of people who spend time on the site.

  5. Create a video series- create a video series that invites people into the series using short durations.

It’s important to leverage your ‘built’ audience. These are the people who will engage, and targeting this people will generate results.  

Jacqui ThebesComment