Collaborating With Instagram Influencers

Social media, particularly Instagram, has changed the way brands promote their products. One reason for this is the rise of ‘influencers’. Social media influencers can be described as individuals with a following who are admired on social media platforms. They are almost like an online celebrity- everything they post is watched by their followers.

Brands reach out to influencers to promote products on their social media profiles in exchange for free products, discounts, and/ or revenue. This gives brands exposure to target posts to the influencer’s following.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is an intimate social network where people share their lives through images posted to their profile. Instagram also is more about visual appeal than other platforms- it’s about making your photos and profile look pleasing to the eye, which is great for marketing.

How do you find great influencers?

  • Focus on story telling- which influencers best represent the company’s image? How can the influencer tell their story, and the product’s story, through the promotional post?

  • They must share their experience- how will the influencer portray their product through their own experience with it?

  • Look for people who are following celebrities.

  • Ask your audience who they are attracted to.

  • Create relationships with influencers who are known for doing something outside the social media space, i.e. modelling, reality TV, music, etc.

  • Worry more about engagement than fame- who is getting the most likes in comparison to followers? Use Mobile Media Lab, Collectively or Cycle.

Why should influencers be used for marketing?

  • Brand Association- build up your brand using the influencer’s brand.

  • Personification- using influencers for promotion allows the brand to connect with people through people.

  • Direct sales- drive online sales through social media.

  • Authenticity- the brand appears relatable and trustworthy when presented by influencers.

  • Point of view- show a brand’s values through an influencer.

  • Consideration- keep your brand in people’s minds for future purchases.

Creating the greatest influencer campaigns:

  • Find your dream influencer and build a campaign around them OR

  • Build your campaign and then find influencers to fit.

When coordinating with influencers, it’s important to give them the autonomy to work with you. Influencer disclosure agreements are cracking down, and it’s important to keep this in mind.

Jacqui ThebesComment