Brand Archetypes Webinar

Brand Archetypes For OfKin

Passionfolk OfKin webinar

This week Janet was invited by the team at OfKin to lead a webinar discussion on brand positioning using Jungian archetypes. 

Passionfolk Archetypes

Archetypes are based on symbolism, and the idea that there are 12 stories or characters that we all intrinsically understand. These 'characters'  transcend culture and time, and we subconsciously connect with those characters that resonate with us most.

 It is argued that brands operate in exactly the same way. If 80% of our purchase behaviour is non-rational (i.e. subconscious, based on things like memory, experience, attitude, desire) then brands should aim to connect with their customers on this level. The key to effective brand positioning is adopting an authentic archetype and then executing it consistently. 

Click here to read OfKin's review of the session, and listen to the webinar.